DAC Pavillion Panel: Those Darn Bugs

One of the highlights of 59th DAC was the panel that attempted to answer whether bug eradication will ever become a reality. The video of the panel is available online and is a great watch. Brian Bailey of Semiconductor Engineering led panellists, including Axiomise’s Ashish Darbari on an exploration to find out why. 

Cadence Theater Talk 

With 8.8K views in the last three months, this has been a very popular talk on our YT channel. The talk was given in DAC 2022 at the Cadence Theatre in San Francisco. Find out how 32-bit and 64-bit cores are verified with formal verification using the Axiomise formalISA app.

We continue to verify new RISC-V processors using our automated app, give us a call if you would like a demo. Recently, our app was used to verify three RISC-V processors that were previously formally verified. We caught 30+ new bugs. Want to know more about how we did that? Read our blog. Our formal verification solution finds bugs in processors that have been previously verified with simulation and other formal verification groups.

Check out our knowledge hub – a collection of whitepapers, webinars, conference presentations, and tutorial podcasts. Dr. Ashish Darbari talked to several world-leaders in verification last year in the podcast series.

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