Executive Team


Dr Ashish Darbari

Chief Executive Officer

As founder & CEO of Axiomise, Dr. Ashish Darbari has led the company to successfully deploy the unique combination of training, consulting, services, and verification IP to various customers. Ashish has expertise in all aspects of formal methods, including theorem proving, property checking, and equivalence checking. Although he has a Doctorate in formal verification from the University of Oxford, to learn formal verification from him, you don’t need a PhD!  Some of his former students work at Apple®, Arm®, Blu Wireless®, CERN®, DW Holdings®, Diffblue®, Displaylink®, Meta®,  Imagination Technologies®, Infineon®, Intel®, Nokia®, Raytheon®, Rockwell Automation®, Rockley Photonics®, Synopsys®, OneSpin Solutions®, and Xilinx®, to name a few. Ashish has been actively using formal methods for over two decades.  He is one of the foremost authorities in practical applied formal verification, having trained  300 designers and verification engineers worldwide. A keen innovator in formal verification, Ashish has 60+ patents in formal verification. He is also the author of the formalISA® app. For more information on what people say about us, check out testimonials. Some testimonials that couldn’t make it to the website can be found on [1, 2].

Neil Dunlop

Chief Technology Officer

Neil Dunlop is the chief technology officer (CTO) at Axiomise. Neil is an industry veteran with several decades of experience in the semiconductor industry and exclusively in the field of formal verification for more than 40 years since obtaining an MSc in Computation from the University of Oxford. Neil started his career with assembler programming and micro-code programming before dabbling in the HOL theorem prover. As a formal verification expert with extensive experience using a variety of formal tools, he has worked on hardware design & formal verification at Inmos, STMicroelectronics, ST Ericsson and Imagination Technologies.

Monique Williams-Lesser

Director, HR & Operations

Monique Williams-Lesser is the Director of HR & Operations at Axiomise, where she was among the initial team members upon the company’s inception. With a wealth of over two decades of experience in Global HR and Operations across diverse sectors, including Education, Healthcare, IT, Pharmaceutical, Finance & Accounting, and Marketing, she possesses a profound insight into personnel management, team building, new hire training, and overseeing facility operations for prominent organisations throughout her professional journey. Her career commenced as an Operations Assistant in Mayfair, London, in 2001. She progressed steadily to the role of Assistant Operations Manager before transitioning to focus on HR in subsequent roles.