Axiomise provides a range of consulting opportunities. Users can choose from hands-on 1:1 technical consulting for project work, or consulting for managers and verification leads for formal deployment in a strategic manner.

It's all about your business

Over the years, it has become clear that most businesses who have leapt to apply formal systematically end up with lots of questions on the scope of formal, its value-add, and its place concerning other verification techniques such as simulation and emulation. Very often, we come across customers who would like to adopt more formal on their projects but need help with understanding the true value proposition of formal.

Axiomise provides this opportunity to help you scope out the place of formal in your business, understand what your needs are, and advise you accordingly on what is suitable for your needs. For Axiomise, your business comes first, and we would like to support you in your challenges with using formal. We understand that though training engineers in the skills of formal and methodology is a useful first step, one typically also needs ongoing support and advice before and after the training to get the most out of formal.

Consulting Promise

  • High-level support on full verification flow from verification strategy and planning to complete sign-off
  • Hands-on support on projects, from start to finish scoping out formal verification strategy, planning and execution
  • Consulting on how to deploy formal on complex projects, enable team bring-up, mentoring and support

Projects can range from one week to several months. Axiomise is committed to providing honest, open, and transparent advice with no hidden surprises. What you see is what you get. 

Why Axiomise?

Dr Ashish Darbari founder & CEO of Axiomise has been involved in formal verification deployment in different organisations in the past decade. He has the experience of working in the field – both with the EDA tool companies as well as being a customer of EDA – deploying formal verification on different projects on the coal face in different organisations. He understands what it takes to work with real human beings who are desperate for help and would want honest and professional advice on using formal verification on projects with tight deadlines.

A keen innovator with 18 international patents in the area of formal verification, and over two dozen research papers Dr Darbari brings his passion for excellence, customer focus, and honesty to Axiomise. At Imagination Technologies, he led a team of three engineers to provide verification consulting for 5o+ projects ranging from MIPS, PowerVR, Ensigma and IMGWorks (SoC division). He believes that customers thrive on open and transparent consulting.